NUS House

The 200m² house is located in the Ag. Onoufrios in Chania. The design was informed by the view to the mountains lying east and west and by the requirement for nearly zero energy building (nZEB).

The optimal south-western orientation is one of the bioclimatic tools employed, and the volumetric treatment of the building maximizes this exposure.

Specifically, the double L-shaped layout and the guesthouse volume, integrated inside the ground, maximize the southwestern exposure during the year, following the changing angle of natural light during the year.

Two main solar spaces are created in that direction: one with a shading cantilever and one with rotating louvers and a massive wall. Warming and cooling of those spaces is achieved with natural means, transposing the desired thermal mass to the other spaces of the house. The solar space behind a corner frame becomes a cool, sheltered open-air area during the summer months.

The water surfaces at the south-facing walls, the planted roof, protection from the western sun, the vertical cross-ventilated air duct and the small northern openings, as well as the roof openings with controlled shading, complement the two solar spaces for optimal performance. Concurrently, the photovoltaic panels, the solar ZNX production system and the vertical geothermal system contribute to the minimal energy footprint of the building. This way, near zero energy consumption is achieved, in accordance with the European Directive 2010/31/EE.


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