Olympia Group

The project involves the redesign of a five-story building to cover the needs of a large investment group targeted towards new technology companies. The layout is organized in three elongated zones, with the middle one including vertical circulation and two enclosed atriums. In the other two zones, at the edges of the building shell, open workspaces interchange with closed offices, conference rooms, and circulation and service areas. The architectural vocabulary relies on simplicity, with clear volumes and linear elements, and on transparency, through glass partitions which increase the feeling of spaciousness. In the common areas and around the atriums, oak benches are combined with linear storage units, lockers, and wooden claddings, integrating the vertical surfaces. The same principles were applied to the design of furniture, in the material and finishings selection, colors and textures, as well as in the choice of office equipment. The aim was to create a visually articulated, discreet environment, which facilitates and promotes good spatial functioning.

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