Smarnakis Patisserie

Smarnakis Patisserie

The design for this project aimed at creating a contemporary image of the store reflecting the identity. Basic restriction was to re-use the existing devices (fridges) of the premises, in Pyrgos, Elis.
Based on these criteria and restrictions our proposal focused in the creation of a protagonist piece which occupies the main wall of the store and is visible from the exterior
The design of this surface derives from the abstract interpretation of the form of patisserie cream. We have designed a surface (9.5 m x 3.2 m) which morphologically is a continuous surface with gradual and fluid deformations which has been implemented as a series of consecutive steel profiles.
An austere two-color pallet was used (chocolate black & cream white) for the painting of every surface in order to provide a neutral background, in order to enhance the colorful and texture-rich sweets.
The existing equipment was enveloped with dark-gray granite and two new showcases were designed made of cylindrical steel rods, artificial stone and glass.
The outcome is a contemporary patisserie with unique identity.

Design by:

ARCHE (Vasilis Stroumpakos, Mina Sarantopoulou)


Photos by:

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