Typeroom© is a creative space, inspired by typography and the graphic arts. Recently, it moved to the historical center of Athens and showcases the award-winning work of Parachute© type foundry.

Through a well-laid out timetable covering a wide range of art and design sectors, with a series of events, talks, workshops, exhibitions, and multidisciplinary platforms, the Typeroom© becomes a meeting point for domestic and international creatives.

The space, giving off an industrial feel, is conceived to showcase the dynamics of typography. Typographic forms, complexes and characters are employed in the design of typographic elements whose scope goes beyond ornamentation.

The Typeroom© transforms letters and the art of typography into physical objects that people can touch and interact with. Upon entry, visitors immediately experience physical applications of type, pressing upon a wooden letter “e” to open the door to the building.

The materials used for signage are oak and metal, both inside and outside the building, establishing a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors.

Furthermore, typographic elements can be encountered throughout the entire space: An oversize capital “omega” is used as partition between the exhibition area and the offices, while the letters “delta” and “beta” become lounges.

As about lighting, a N-shaped neon installation is placed on the office wall, transmitting warm, red light.

The Typeroom© is located in the Psirri district, in the heart of central Athens, at one of the oldest and busiest parts of the city. The choice of location came as a result of the wish, and need, to participate in a conversation with other designers and urban creatives, welcoming all who wish to discover and interact with the art of typography.

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