Best of 2020: Zeus and Dione

The project provides the proper setting for showcasing clothes and accessories by the company, by means of its spatial organization, which is dominated by a curved wall, as well as by its selection of materials, including glass, marble, and wood.

The returning idea of oscillation, both as movement and as weightlessness, bestows “life” upon the fabrics themselves.

A semi-transparent curved wall creates distinct spaces on its sides, organizing random vanishing points between them. Glass tubes, suspended from the ceiling, allow openness or privacy, according to the users’ needs and to the position of the onlooker.

The walls are undulating, while the glass partition and the marble entrance sign fold, providing a sense of plasticity, as a reference to the qualities of classical Greek architecture. Indirect lighting and the mirror in the background create an optical illusion, increasing openness.

Geometry, select materials, and the optical illusion, compose a space marked by fluidity.

Interior design:

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