Evdokimou Jewellery

The jewelry is in a central location in Nicosia, at Strovolos. The objective of the redesign was to merge three little shops into an integrated space, catering to the needs of the store.

The design creates a modern, timeless, functional exhibition space for jewels, informed by museum exhibition design in their placement and lighting; it also confronts the need of highlighting the company legacy, where architecture remains consistent with high-end jewelry design.

The guiding design idea elaborates on the reflections in the faceted surfaces of a diamond, materialized as recesses or protractions in space -horizontal and vertical on the facades and surfaces; those fundamental lines succeed in integrating volumes, facades, interiors, and materials. The material palette alludes to the first jewelry established by Mr. Michalis Evdokimou in 1968, in the narrow lanes of Strovolos.

The color palette relies on dark shades combined with the hues of gold, the latter being used in linear, floating elements that create balanced contrasts with their glow, as highlights in the intentionally dark space.

The lighting design creates a dramatic atmosphere, with exhibition lights on the display stands and low ambient lighting.

Upon entry, the central display stand immediately becomes the spine of the store, accommodating diamond creations, leading to the customer service and jewelry display section that leads to an area for having coffee with the jewelry staff.

A minimal dimension space, alluding to a museum shop, is used for private viewings of selected pieces, maintaining visibility with the rest of the store through a specially designed golden perforated screen.

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