Kalkan villas

The Kalkan Altes Villas are made of up six unique units that are located on a distinctive hillside with an impressive Mediterranean sea view Kalkan, Turkey. The natural beauty and the distinct texture of the site were the main sources of inspiration during the design process. With a pure and simple architectural language, the villas are aimed to effortlessly integrate three dimensionally with the topography of the site and are positioned so as not to obstruct the sea view of the other. Each villa is composed of two retaining walls that form a living space on the ground floor and a white box above the living space that face towards the sea. The double-height bottom portion of the villa, with all of its materiality, acts a continuation of the existing land and surrounding textures. In contrast, the upper white portion of the villa, with its pure form and orientation floats towards the sea. Materiality and the use of natural light are of great importance in the design of these villas. Reflections off of the colored stained glass of the skylights shine upon the exposed concrete walls of the living space giving color to the space and signaling the motion of the sun through the day.

Photos by:

Yerçekim Architectural Photography, Yunus Özkazanç 


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