Map Boutique Hotel

The 1700m² hotel is in the center of Nicosia, with a beautiful view over Eleftherias Square and the old city walls. The building had been one of the prominent landmarks in the city. The project involves the extension and modification of the existing building, creating an integrated façade and assigning a new identity. The outside surface of the double-layer façade features vertical louvers with a simple geometry and proportioning, resulting in an interesting volume which safeguards privacy without compromising views from the inside. The base of the building, accommodating a double-height lobby and the restaurant, is marked by linear lighting and repetitive vertical elements, emulating the outside façade and the room interiors. On the floors, the hotel comprises 30 rooms, in thematic units. Black and white tones, combined with vibrant colors on furniture upholsteries, textured floors and wooden claddings, result in an overall feel of elegance.

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