Nigel Café

Nigel is a tiny cafe at the bottom of a commercial office building in Camberwell, Melbourne.

The design for the 35m2 space had to be especially clever in accommodating the required necessities of running a coffee-focused business with food, while still providing a memorable and enjoyable experience for patrons.

The result is an L-shaped bar hugging the back and one side of the space, incorporating the hero of the space – a three group coffee machine – and various pastry displays.

While the black laminate of the bar indicates approachability through materiality, it is also providing a grounding presence in the space. Above the bar, two laser-thin LED pendants are hovering and seemingly cutting through the deep emerald green ceiling.

Opposite the L-shape bar is a small albeit welcoming seating area with contrasting materials as light timbers and cute greenery accents on the tables.

The entire space has been “dipped” into a terrazzo look tile, providing a visual basis of the materials and finishes used.

The space is minimal and clever, it is at the same time contemporary but also feels strangely established and familiar, directing the focus of the customer to the main offering – coffee.

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