Parthenis Café in Mykonos

The iconic Greek fashion brand Parthenis was founded in 1970, when Dimitris Parthenis opened his first store in Athens. In 1978, Parthenis opened a boutique in Mykonos, which was both a source of inspiration and a stepping-stone for international fame. Parthenis’ minimalist, monochromatic designs are recognised worldwide for their timeless elegance, high quality, and flattering silhouettes. With Orsalia Parthenis, daughter of the founder, at its helm, the brand continues its strong global presence in the world of fashion and design.

Anaktae worked with Orsalia Parthenis to transform her label’s flagship store in Mykonos town into a multifunctional space, where customers can shop Parthenis’ instant classics and enjoy a drink or a light meal inspired by the elemental Cycladic lifestyle. Located next to the island’s famous windmills, the café flows onto a courtyard overlooking Little Venice and its legendary sunsets. 

Anaktae conceived, constructed, and curated every stage of the creation of Parthenis Café, from spatial philosophy to interior design, including a range of custom-made furniture and lighting. The design draws inspiration from the eternal elements of Greek summer: light, energy, and simplicity. The result is faithful to the pure forms of Cycladic architecture and the easy, stripped-back Parthenis aesthetic, using local materials such as marble, wood, and metal in modern yet timeless ways. Sculptural marble and metal sconces, a marble counter and a bar clad in textured wooden panels, nesting tripod stools and side tables that can be reconfigured around low benches with striped cushions, all complement the clean lines of the Parthenis collection. Clothing is displayed on free-standing rails suspended from the ceiling. 

“Our collaboration with Parthenis came naturally,” say Dianna Karvounis and Vivian Philippa, the founding partners of Anaktae. “Our shared vision is to reimagine ‘Hellenism’ in a minimalist and elegant way. Both ANAKTAE and Parthenis draw inspiration from Greece and its cultural heritage, redefining contemporary Greek style with international elements.”  


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