Showroom El stories

The showroom’s design is inspired by childhood dreams and the imaginary realm. It is meant to transcend visitors to fantastical lands, a space to help them envision those special moments, which they will trust their planners to realize, in all the elaborate detail in which they’ve dreamt them. El Stories, occupies a space of approximately 50sm spread over two floors. The double height ceiling allowed for the creation of a cozy studio area on the mezzanine floor, overlooking the showroom on the ground floor. The owners attachment to nature and their love for oriental plane trees, common to the Greek flora and distinct for their beautiful wide leaves and the thick, cool shade they provide, during the sizzling Greek summer months, is highlighted via 600 life size plane tree leaves, suspended from the ceiling in different lengths. The leaves made from bronze and copper are oxidized and chemically treated to generate unique colorings and varying patina’s – no two leaves are the same. Between them from a distressed mirror, strategically placed on the ceiling, to amplify the result and add volume to the already impressive draping forest, flow 15 over-sized hand-blown glass bulbs. A 4,5m high driftwood log, is placed in the middle of the ground floor, acting like a pillar, a simulation of the plane tree trunk holding the myriad leafy branches dangling about. Walls, surfaces and the rest of the ceiling are coated in a grey/brown mortar producing an earthy textured effect. Shelving is made from rustic solid oak planks arranged along the ground floor wall, the shop window is separated from the rest of the showroom with a bronze screen, featuring the plane-tree leaf motif, which was treated with the same chemical processes as the suspended leaves and has resulted in similar oxidation and coloring. Reclaimed furniture, vintage toys and decorative items aim to create a cabinet like feel to the space balancing smoothly between the past and the present the old, the new, the whimsical and the contemporary.

Photos by:

George Fakaros

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