Healthy Foods Store Design in Athens

The new space in Syntagma area, Athens, was designed as a destination for healthy eating afficionados, operating at once as a bar-restaurant and a retail store.

Its main idea is nature, and its fruit in the most unprocessed, “raw” form. Therefore, the design recreates the feel of a garden: the earthy color of the products is translated in terracotta, prominent throughout the interior, while the outdoor feel is recreated with ambient lighting, emulating sunlight.

Product display and seating are integrated in this garden without zoning. The entrance is marked by succulents on shelves, and pink lanterns on the walls, giving the impression that one is out in nature, where greenery and soil take center stage. The space continues as an elongated hallway leading to the white marble bar, and to the display screen. Patron seats are high metal stools and benches with cushions in green, white, and terracotta shades.

Screens in glass and metal were designed for product storage and display, showcasing the high quality, fresh materials. Metal shelves emulating branches and leaves reach the middle of the store, retaining the organic shapes of nature.

Laser-cut mirror motivational quotes grace the walls, creating clever sentences with references to healthy eating.

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