Floating Gardens | House in Psychiko

The design considers the ground as a spiral peel of soil, planted with trees, bushes, flowers and creeping plants. This way, Floating Gardens brings the idea of the English Garden City, which was the driving concept in the design of the Athens suburb, into domestic scale, surrounding the house with a three-dimensional floating green belt. The outer shell of the building is constructed in pigmented raw concrete, with an appearance of hammered stone. The idea of the undulating ribbon and the requirement for all spaces to have access to gardens, led to a centrifugal configuration around the vertical circulation core, with internal split-level floors. The ground level accommodates shared areas, with the kitchen-dining room facing the street; behind the circulation core, the lounge extends outwards to the pool at the back of the property. The floors contain private spaces, and the top is shaped into a roof garden with an inclined central part, covered in plants.



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