Holiday apartment design in the Center of Athens

Maya is a 97m² holiday apartment at a modernist office building with unique view of the Acropolis, the Benizelos mansion and the famous Athenian sky. These characteristics brought together some of the most important movements in architecture and the arts in present-day Athens, to sum up the culture of the city inside the apartment in the heart of it.

Layout design

The floor plan consists of a master bedroom, a small second bedroom, a comfortable lounge and a series of custom-made furniture created from local manufacturers that can be adjusted considering the need of the guests. The creation of a light construction divider in the middle of the apartment smartly separates the full of light public spaces from the quiet private areas.

Material and color palette

At the entrance, a wooden box is placed, referring to the 30’s “polikatikia” luxurious entrances. In the kitchen, a divider was created with parts from Athenian neoclassical glass doors while contemporary design and marble were used at the furniture. Arches and bricks on the central divider correlate the apartment with the Ottoman era building across the street. In the second bedroom, a functional built-in furniture with bed, alludes to the traditional “sofàs”.

Old fashioned cement tiles in modern shapes were selected for the kitchen and bathroom floor. Attention was paid to the overall color palette to enhance the Athenian experience. Finally, materials and colors create a modern main lounge and work as a frame that highlights the unique view, creating an uplifting feeling.


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