Office building in Thessaloniki

TAKA + PARTNERS refurbished a two-story office building, located in Thermi, Thessaloniki. Τhe building has a total surface of approximately 300 m2.

The architectural design combines the functional and aesthetic upgrade of the shell with the substantial improvement of the workplace environment. New technologies and energy management devices are integrated in the building.

The ground floor includes the reception and waiting area, the accounting unit, private offices, product sampling space, conference room, archive room and auxiliary rooms. The upper level accommodates private offices and auxiliary spaces.

Metal-detailed wood and concrete paneling indicates a functional workspace. The offices are separated with glass partitions, providing the room with clarity and unity. Interior corridors maintain visibility and allow the free flow of light. Green areas are integrated as creative and collective units for employees. The furniture is custom-made, while alternative lighting sources and skylights provide suitable lighting solutions for working.

KNX intelligent control and monitoring system manages lighting, air-conditioning, shading and safety systems. To that end, energy efficiency and lower energy consumption are achieved.

The building’s external shell is dressed in coated aluminum panels and large wall tiles. The outdoor fence is constructed with fair face concrete complemented with specially designed aluminum panels.


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