Best of 2020: Centro Ottici

The proposal considers the product unit as a structural module, whose repetition generates architectural space. The vertical and horizontal surfaces resulting from spatial analysis were grouped in pairs of differing materiality and function. The metal mesh, designed to receive sunglasses, mirrors, and corporate logos, was produced by the multiplication of a module in the scale of a pair of glass frames, alluding to the archetypical bricklaying module in a running wall. Scattered existing drawers were assembled into a vertical storage and display unit, folding to create the floor. The reflective surface of the mirror, wrapping around the mezzanine, multiplies space; in combination with the linear reflective surface on the floor, this generates an endless multiplication of the grid. The façade, a double, illuminated screen of white and copper perforated metal in the shape of the grid, stands as preface to the interior. Lighting follows the same abstract principles, transforming existing surfaces into integrated lighting devices.


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