Best of 2020: The IntermiΣΣion

The new art gallery is located in one of the most picturesque quarters of Piraeus, among old warehouses and workshops. Guided by the identity of the exhibition space as a “white box”, the design employs clean, austere lines, in a minimalist white background. The space alludes to a white canvas for highlighting the exhibited artworks, and the architectural composition establishes a quiet dialogue between modern and new. In this framework, the façade maintains its original appearance, and so does the century-old wooden roof, lit from below; those elements are brought into contrast with the acutely angular white walls underneath. The choice of the cool grey cement floor, combined with a few more extravagant touches in the bathrooms, further contribute to this goal. The white perforated metal sheet mezzanine and stairs, despite their modern appearance, allude to local metalsmith workshops, which had an active role in the construction of the project. This discreet architecture reflects the conversation between contemporary art, sheltered in the exhibition space, and the features of the urban surroundings.

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