Higashimatsuyama House

Located in Saitama, Higashimatsuyama House was designed for a couple whose families lived on the site for generations for over 300 years.

In order to keep and pass on the family memory to the new space and to make the existing building, garden, surrounding nature and new extension function as one piece, there was an attempt to fix and add the structure based on each building’s condition, using the same material between the existing and the extension. Despite all the different structures, it became “one house”.

The two roofs’ structure is a wooden sandwich panel to make it as large and economically reasonable as possible. The shape of the roof was designed as a response to the surrounding nature, light and wind, so the surface is folding, and its angle and height are carefully determined depending on the activities taken under the roof.

Photos by:

Kai Nakamura, Shinkenchikusha

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