Khi House

The 200m² house is built amidst an olive grove, on a gentle slope in the southern Peloponnese. The building is demarcated by a single curved, corrugated wall with varying heights, which creates protected courtyards at the edge of each wing. The project is defined by two opposing elements: on the one hand, enclosed private courtyards, and on the other, the western wing and the roof with unobstructed views of the sea. The volumetric configuration in an “X” shape divides the property in four distinct areas, with the eastern gardens providing privacy and gradations of shade during the day. The western wing includes the shared spaces. Each room interior extends into its own courtyard and terrace. The construction includes non-standard, prefabricated components (corrugated wall molds, light fittings, landscaping elements, and custom-made furniture). Construction saw the use of few industrial materials, and the production line was limited on a local level. Preference was shown for locally sourced materials, such as concrete, and terrazzo.



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