Kindergarten in Madrid

Located in Madrid, the project involves the design of a new kindergarten nursery school and its landscape architecture. The new seat of pre-school education of the Lycée Français provides children with an empowering educational experience, based on learning through play.

The building is organized in three volumes, two of which, housing the classrooms, are oriented north-south to optimize natural light. The third one, which houses the entire common program, is oriented east-west to create two courtyards for different ages. This volume is protected from the western sun by a ceramic latticework that filters the natural light.

The proposal involves a scheme of twin classrooms sharing a bathroom, and a patio that further improves their ventilation and lighting. The kindergarten caters to children aged from 2 to 6 and distinguishes between those aged 1 to 3 and 3 to 6, distributing them in different spaces and classrooms; all facilities, however, feature bright colors and materials, creating different spaces where children can fully express their potential.

The design of the kindergarten draws from the Montessori concepts and principles. Besides safety, freedom is given back to children. Additionally, because of its non-porous materials and direct outdoor access for all classrooms, this center becomes a protected space in compliance with current hygiene measures, and a safe haven for children: The large size of the classrooms allows more distance between pupils, and size coupled with natural ventilation creates a safe space without compromising on playfulness.

This way, an adaptive learning environment for children is created, where architecture becomes a means for didactic learning.

Design Team:

Alegría Zorrilla, Berta González, Nathalie Couineau, Camille Besuelle

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