V Lofts

The apartment building is on the main commercial street of Voula in South Athens, an area of vigorous new housing construction. The elongated property allowed the design of two separate building volumes, divided by a water surface and garden on the ground level in-between. The absence of a fence on the ground level facilitates communication between the private and public, urban space. The building shell, with horizontal and vertical fair-face concrete planes, creates a shield against adjacent buildings and provides uniform light diffusion in the house interiors. The shading cantilevers appear to float over V-shaped supports. The project involves 12 independent, cross-ventilated houses, on one or two levels, with large balconies equipped with mini pools. The penthouses are shaped in roof gardens enjoying panoramic views. The buildings are connected on the first underground level (parking, equipment, storage) while the double-height ground floor can operate independently, accommodating retail or bar-restaurant uses.


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