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ek magazine 288 | June 2024


Editor: Ariadni Vozani

-The Challenge of Color



Editor: Stavros Martinos

– David Gianotten | OMA



Editor: Nikos Patsavos

– Study Pavilion at the Technical University of Braunschweig | Gustav Düsing, Büro Hacke



– The Cyprus Planetarium | Savvides Architects

– Akrolithos, Office Building and Exhibition Space in Kavala | KAAF Kitriniaris Associates Architecture Firm

– Doctor’s Labs in Markopoulo | Whitebox Architects

– Single-family House in Marousi | Creative Architects

– Domus Maya, Single-family Residence in Nicosia | Studio Kyriakos Miltiadou

– Single-family House in Finikia Oia | This is IMDA

– Domes Novos Santorini, Hotel in Oia | KCP Architects

– Canaves Hotel in Santorini | Kapsimalis Architects

– Drakoni House in Elounda | Doriza Design

– Vacation Home in Chios | Archipelagos Architects

– Pocket Apartments, Micro-apartments in Piraeus | Harry Papaioannou & Associates



Editor: Eirini Makarouni

– Cement, Volcanic, and Granite Mortar

The Challenge of Color

Color, as a unique factor in shaping atmosphere and spatial qualities in architecture, was the subject of this year’s event organized by ek magazine, on Monday, May 27, at the atrium of the Benaki Museum. This was the fifth event in the Material Matters series, aiming to highlight the importance of contemporary and traditional materials in architecture through theoretical approaches and the work of Greek architects.
Although color is not typically classified as a structural material, it is a characteristic property of such materials and often a factor for their selection. However, when we talk about color in architecture, we more often refer to the painting of volumes or surfaces rather than the color of the materials themselves, in the spirit of the so-called “honesty of construction” that has been so praised.
Color has a long and significant history of application, often associated more with the decorative dimension of works. Although its artistic use in space requires special compositional skills, it has often been approached with reservation or even awkwardness in modern times. Nevertheless, several important architects have dared to infuse their work with distinctive character by placing color as a central component of the building’s compositional structure, such as Luis Barragan and Le Corbusier.
It is also interesting to note that in many recent publications of works, both in Greece and internationally, there is a trend towards bold, often multicolored schemes. This trend is mainly observed in specific building typologies—such as educational and cultural buildings—or in interior redesign interventions and ephemeral constructions. Thus, it seems that color, even today, is associated with a playful disposition that is not deemed appropriate for buildings of particular “prestige.” However, the introduction of color as a parameter in architectural design offers a new dimension to the interpretation and experience of space across all typologies.
The challenge of color is ours.

Ariadni Vozani

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