Cosmote TV

The new Cosmote TV building is the outcome of the transformation of a former industrial venue into offices and studios, aspiring to become a landmark for its area at large. Following the structure of the existing building, the design introduces three programmatic zones with different heights and qualities. In the middle, among the offices, television studios and technical rooms, the Plaza becomes the building’s central square, a meeting area for all employees. This “heart” of the building, which includes open plan workspaces, is endowed with a mezzanine and a bridge, connecting separate sectors. Along the bridge, existing columns were treated as “trees” growing from the ground, with their “branches” covering the “sky” of the Plaza. The transformation of the building relied on the use of high-tech tensile membrane in the interior, while the curved white zones of bioclimatic cantilevers provide shade at a distance from the façade, in a strikingly dynamic result. 



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