Café-Kiosk in Capodistrias Museum

The main idea of the kiosk’s architectural synthesis was its integration into the museum garden in Koukouritsa, “Evropouli”, Corfu Island, as well as its discourse with the existing building of the museum.
The challenge of the design was the relation of a semi-permanent construction with elements of a contemporary café, to the recently renovated historic building, formerly the country house of Ioannis Capodistrias, first Governor of Greece and distinguished European statesman, which functions as a museum with exhibits from his life.

The created mobile, light structure of 7m2 has a discreet presence in the garden, as it almost “disappears” inside the trees giving a sense of harmony in correspondence with the area in which it is located.
Simultaneously, the proportions of its mild form that respects state a different and distinct building presence with a contemporary and modern personality, creating a new interactive meeting point.
The curve was selected as a basic design element, with dark green metal and wood are used as basic construction materials tying with Corfiot countryside references. The kiosk transforms from open to closed or semi-closed space, via rollers drawn onto guides mounted on the base and roof, that follow the curve and stop at selected positions with levers on the wooden floor. The rectangle layer of the structure’s back remains stable and serves to “store” the rollers behind it during the summer period.
The project was distinguished at the 9th Biennale of Young Greek Architects.

Photos by:

Marios Papacharalampous,
Alexis Sidiropoulos 

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