Best of 2020: The House-garden in the City

In contrast to many urban homes that remain hidden behind high walls and green fences, the “house-garden” is an extension of its adjacent green public space, and part of the urban fabric. The connection between house, public space, and neighborhood allows all three elements to be perceived as a compact whole, in perpetual interaction. The principal design concept was the development of gardens, both on the ground level as well as on the floor, as an accessible green roof. The two-storey home is articulated in two monolithic volumes, containing a green patio. The ground level accommodates the shared spaces, and the floor houses two bedrooms. On the top level, facades are formed in sliding aluminum panels for sound insulation, controlled light, and protection from solar radiation during the summer months. Sustainable design relies on discreet solar paneling, on the chimney effect through the green internal patio, and natural ventilation through the north-south axis. The project has been awarded with the Cyprus State Prize for Architecture, 2019.


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