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Maison de Campagne 2018

Τhe 12th edition of Maison de Campagne comprises the presentation of 14 selected country houses that have been recently completed.
The country house, as a project category, witnesses a rise in development these last years, highlighting among other things the particular relationship undertaken by architectural design in reference to the respective landscape.  
In the current edition the materialized residences develop in different island environments mainly of the Cyclades, but also in Kos, Alonissos and Lefkas.

These are residences that attempt to organize the modern summer lifestyle, placing emphasis on the dialogue between the interior and the surrounding area, the views of the wider landscape and in most cases, the absolute protagonist: the Greek sea.

The Maison de Campagne 2018 edition, apart from Greece and Cyprus, is available at airports and main press outlets of the following countries: Turkey, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Oman, China, Taiwan, Korea and India.

Maison de Campagne is a publication by ek magazine.


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