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Villas 2020

The new annual bookazine, Villas 2020, presents 16 of the most impressive examples of luxury suburban housing from different parts of the world, in an international edition of high aesthetic value.

Projects by noted architects in the USA, Peru, Brazil, Thailand, Portugal, Israel, Greece and Cyprus go hand in hand here, revealing contemporary trends in interior design, aesthetics and housing technology. The 2020 edition of Villas bookazine can also be read as the compilation of highly efficient “machines for living in.”
The edition also includes an exclusive interview of Luciano Kruk, architect and educator based in Buenos Aires, enjoying wide international recognition. His work is solidly based on the principles of modernism.

Villas 2020 is available at press outlets, malls, airports and selected bookstores of the following countries: USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Greece, Cyprus, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Oman, India, China, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan.


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