Best of 2020: Filothei House

The house is built in a narrow plot, following an unconventional composition, whose aim is to accommodate the extensive program and to secure the desired contact with its surroundings. Articulated in discernible volumes and structural voids in-between, the building is compressed towards the middle of the plot, evolving upwards, leaving two narrow green strips on its sides, and two gardens, at the front and back. The dominant material on the facades is exposed concrete. Occasionally, the hard skin is removed to expose stained wood-clad surfaces, or it recedes in strategically placed niches, on various levels. The core of the home is a double-height space, accommodating the lounge and an office on the mezzanine. Sliding glass panels bring abundant light to the interior and open views to the narrow swimming pool, adjacent to the dining area. The interior is dominated by white color and extensive wooden surfaces, where nooks containing plants extend the landscaping. At the staircase, the concrete skin is fragmented in small rectangles, creating a permeable limit.


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