Best of 2020: Four Gardens

The house has a square layout, demarcated by a wall than encloses all indoor spaces and their adjacent four gardens. Historical travel records of Nicosia, dating as far back as the 14th century, mention the garden as a space protected inside a walled enclosure, containing ornamental and edible plants, offering scents and sounds; the garden has been a contributing factor to the historical identity of Nicosia, at times including cisterns, fountains, open-air kitchens, wells, or steam baths. The gardens of the house, adjoining different programmatic units, cater to daily, practical necessities, such as the control of sunlight, temperature, and air flow. Special attention has been put on the passive heating and cooling of the house. The construction materials are selected from local light industries; some are left exposed, while part of the finishing is carried out on site, as is the case for the flooring. All case furniture and some moveable pieces are custom-designed by the architects, while the rest are hand-made from local artisans in Nicosia.

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