Milka Hotel

In the heart of Julian Alps, the old guesthouse Milka got a new life. The restaurant occupies the ground floor together with the outside terrace, offering gorgeous vistas over the Alpine Lake Jasna and the mountain ridge. The reception, one suite, and a private sauna are accommodated in the basement. Five elegantly equipped rooms occupy the other floors.

The concept of Milka is to offer a wholesome alpine experience, combining Slovene tradition with modern comfort at the highest level. The thread that connects everything is taken from the lake itself. Hilly, green, and wooded surroundings suggested the use of colors. The architectural approach relies on the use of quality, long-lasting materials stemming from local, Slovenian tradition: wood, metal, stone, offering a richly tactile experience every step of the way.

Milka now includes six new rooms, each with a unique character. One of the main goals was to provide every room with the view and experience of Milka’s amazing alpine backdrop. The interior uses the color palette of tones that change throughout the seasons, ranging from the blueish and green hues of the lake and the surrounding mountains in the summer to warmer tones of yellow and mustard found in autumn leaves, and the grey tones of the local limestone.


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